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Myron Lawrence "Larry" Finkelstein is the father of Dharma Montgomery and Harry Finkelstein and fiance of Abby O'Neil and a main character in Dharma & Greg. He is portrayed by Alan Rachins.

Larry is Dharma's "hippie" father. He is a stereotypical sixties radical who frequently rants about various conspiracies, a lot of which revolve around Richard Nixon. He also thinks he's wanted by the FBI, but when Greg discovers he's not, his family goes to great lengths to prove to him that he still is because this is a source of great pride to him.

Despite this, he manages to get along with Edward, often when both are sick of dealing with their wives. He homeschooled Dharma in American history, passing on his conspiracy theories, such as the latest Apollo mission secretly burying the missing minutes of the Watergate tapes on the moon.

It is often alluded to that Larry is a chronic user of marijuana, though it is never shown. In the season 4 episode "Mother and Daughter Reunion", Dharma mentions that Larry has a resistance against most drugs after frequent use. In the pilot episode Abby explains his usual cluelessness with "he blew out his short term memory back in 1972". He sometimes becomes a "pothead savant" and reveals skills such as his talent for carpentry and his music.