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Katherine "Kitty" Montgomery is the mother of Gregory Montgomery, wife of Edward Montgomery and mother-in-law of Dharma Montgomery and a main character in Dharma & Greg. She is portrayed by Susan Sullivan.

Kitty is a typical upper-class wife, and plays the part by organizing various charity events and fundraisers for a myriad of causes. However, she is from humble beginnings, as shown in the twenty-first episode of the second season, "It Never Happened One Night."

In the beginning of the first season, Kitty was generally represented as a manipulative, controlling woman who only had higher aspirations for her son. As an elite socialite, Kitty was initially quite displeased to have Dharma and her parents join the family, but over the course of the series, Kitty broadens her limited country club world to become part of a larger family, becoming a major part of Dharma's life, while remaining lovingly manipulative. Despite their vast differences, she recognizes Dharma's place in their family's life, once telling her "We both know you're not the girl I would have picked for Greg. What matters is that you are the girl that Greg did pick."

She is shown to have a talent for writing erotica in the season 4 episode, "The Story of K". She is initially embarrassed, but receives encouragement and support from Dharma, much to Greg's discomfort.