Edward Montgomery is the husband of Kitty Montgomery, father of Gregory Montgomery and father-in-law of Dharma Montgomery and a main character on Dharma and Greg. He is portrayed by Mitchell Ryan.

Edward is an eccentric man. His philosophy for dealing with his wife, Kitty, involves remaining as uninvolved as possible. He is the head of Montgomery Industries (though he keeps working only because he can see little tugboats out his window). He is more tolerant of his son's choice in a wife than Kitty is, but does seem to be eternally at odds with Dharma's father, who calls him "Ed", but whom he in return calls "Finkelstein". However, the two men occasionally bond when they are both of sick of dealing with their wives.

Edward is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, of which he is fiercely proud, and partially resents Greg for considering Notre Dame to not be "good enough" for him. Ed is often seen drinking martinis and Scotch.

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