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Dharma Freedom Montgomery (nee Finkelstein) is the wife of Gregory Montgomery, daughter of Larry Finkelstein and Abby O'Neil, sister of Harry Finkelstein, daughter-in-law of Edward and Kitty Montgomery and a main character in Dharma and Greg. She is portrayed by Jenna Elfman.

Overly cheerful and sensitive, Dharma is also more compassionate and forgiving than most people. However, despite her trust in the goodness of people and persistent good intentions, she is far from naive. She understands the real world, employs sarcasm and receives it well. Dharma perseveres in expressing her personality and her identity even in the face of an overwhelmingly opposing world.

Dharma encourages Greg to seek happiness rather than fret about practical issues like money. She is named after the concept of dharma in Indian philosophy, and a Native American friend of her father once gave her the name "Crazy Man's Daughter". She was home-schooled by her parents, whom she addresses by their first names.

According to Chuck Lorre's eleventh vanity card, he and Dottie Dartland originally conceived Dharma & Greg as "a series revolving around a woman whose personality is not a neurotic product of societal and parental conditioning, but of her own free-flowing, compassionate mind".

Dharma also teaches yoga.

In "Pilot", Dharma marries Greg on the day she meets him.