Abigail Kathleen "Abby" O'Neil is the mother of Dharma Montgomery and Harry Finkelstein and fiance of Larry Finkelstein and a main character in Dharma & Greg. She is portrayed by Mimi Kennedy.

Abby is a free-spirited, caring mother, who encourages her daughter and son-in-law to produce children: "Feel free to have sex anywhere." Although they have a grown daughter and later a son, she and Dharma's father are not married. She and Larry get engaged in one episode and held a wedding ceremony, but still did not marry to "stay under the radar".

Unlike her "lifemate" Larry, she immediately accepted Greg, though she still constantly annoys and conflicts with his parents.

Abby is a militant vegan, which is a never-ending source of trouble. During her pregnancy in season 4, however, she does make exceptions because of her food cravings.

It is mentioned in "Invasion of the Buddy Snatcher" that she has a degree in ornithological psychology from Berkeley.

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